A description of websites in giving a conspicuous notice to consumers regarding their information pr

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The FTC’s Endorsement Guides: What People Are Asking

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Data protection in the United States: overview

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Monitoring, Datafication, and Consent: Legal Approaches to Privacy in the Big Data Context

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Get started now! Financial institutions must give their customers - and in some cases their consumers - a "clear and conspicuous" written notice describing their privacy policies and practices. When you provide the notice and what you say depend on what you do with the information.

Contact Information: Your contact information and the contact information of all third parties who receive the information from your website in case customers have a question or want to make a complaint.

If you are a financial institution, your obligations depend on whether your clients are "customers" or "consumers." In brief, the Privacy Rule requires you to give notice to all of your "customers" about your privacy practices, and, if you share their information in certain ways, to your "consumers" as well.

At its simplest, choice means giving a consumer options regarding how a company collects and uses the personal information it collects. The first choice a consumer typically makes is whether or not to give his personal information to a company.

A description of websites in giving a conspicuous notice to consumers regarding their information pr
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