Aboriginal traditions

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Ancient Sea Rise Tale Told Accurately for 10,000 Years

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Shannon Thunderbird, M.A. Coast Tsimshian First Nations Elder, Speaker, Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist, Writer Indigenous Programs for Every Event! Before European Invasion, Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islander people had a great variety of food to choose from.

These food sources came from the bush, the land, the seas and the waterways. The Aboriginal oral culture and spiritual world are based on the Dreamtime. The Dreamtime or the Dreaming includes a number of inter-related stories (myths).

There are at least four aspects of The Dreamtime - the beginning of all things, the life and influence of the ancestors, the way of life and death and sources of power in life. Oral traditions retain the history of Aboriginal Peoples by passing cultural information from one generation to the next.

For Aboriginal communities creation stories, connections to the land, historical accounts, traditional ecological knowledge, teachings, language, and culture stories have been.

Japingka Aboriginal Art is an online Australian art gallery, holding major exhibitions of artworks by Australian Indigenous artists for the past 30 years. A few key beliefs of Aboriginal culture hold that the Earth is eternal, and the beings that created it are still accessible through rituals.

These ancestors made the Earth during a period call The Dreaming or Dreamtime, and that realm can be visited by humans through altered consciousness or abrasiverock.comely important to Aboriginal culture is the belief that man, animals, nature and their.

Aboriginal traditions
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