Advent case

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Each advent wreath iPhone case ships within 24 hours and includes a day money-back guarantee! Our art-inspired iPhone cases are available as both slim cases and tough cases, and we have advent wreath covers for all iPhones starting with the iPhone 5 and newer.

A1 Advent calendar, Santa with children and animals near a village. It is made of pressed cardboard (Pr├Ągedruck: embossed printing or relief printing), with doors to be opened, from 1 thru 24, published in We seek to make a constructive contribution to our portfolio companies, working with management teams to achieve a shared vision for the future of their businesses.

Advent Systems Ltd. v. Unisys Corp.

Singapore based luxury brand, GRAY introduces the Advent Aurora, the most expensive iPhone X case in the world and it cost much more than iPhone X itself. Crafted from a solid block of aerospace.

Star Christmas Advent StructureTired of searching a totally unique cover for your device? What about designing your very own one? This new line of tablet cases features a water transfer printing technology which produces much sharper images with vivid colors, prevents your pictures from chipping away.

Pick up some new Advent iPhone cases and choose your favourite design from a variety of covers!

Advent case
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