Care of souls

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Care of the Soul: A Guide for Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life

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Care of Souls: Revisioning Christian Nurture and Counsel

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Care of Souls: Revisioning Christian Nurture and Counsel

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Pastoral care

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The two formats, both of which are privileged and sexual under civil and canon law, are moving by nature. Jan 26,  · Care of the Soul addresses the problem that so many people today face: how to love one's self (yet also explaining the monumental difference between loving one's self and ego).

I've never read a book that was as genuinely real as this one.4/5. "Above all things, that the Abbot may not neglect or undervalue the welfare of the souls entrusted to him, let him not have too great a concern about fleeting, earthly, perishable things; but let him always consider that he hath undertaken the government of souls, of which he must give an account.

Jan 01,  · To me, the author's ideas and methods of interpreting dreams in soul care are foreign and on the borderline of bazarre. On a positive note, the sections on dialogue and giving and receiving soul care were very helpful/5().

Even of more surprise is the fact that this renewed interest in the soul and its care occurs within a context of renewed interest in spirituality.

Interest in souls has been accompanied by interest in angels, channeling, meditation, and Gregorian chant.

A practicing psychologist and director of a center for psychospiritual health, Benner explores the role of the church in "soul care," advocating a method of counseling that anchors modern therapy in timeless biblical principles.

pages, softcover from Baker/5(2). A great example of Banner’s work of reprinting theological classics is the book Concerning the True Care of Souls by Martin Bucer (pronounced Boot-zer).

We often think of the Reformation as the work of Luther and Calvin with a few names, like Zwingli or Knox thrown in.

Care of souls
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Care of Souls | Dr David G Benner