Causes of visual impairment in ghana

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alence of blindness and visual impairment in Africa led the World Health Organization (WHO) in to recommend additional study of the prevalence and causes of visual.

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Childhood Visual Impairment and Unmet Low-vision Care in Blind School Students in Ghana

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Definition of Speech Impairment. A speech impairment is a condition in which the ability to produce speech sounds that are necessary to communicate with others is impaired. Speech impairments can.

Most causes of childhood blindness in Ghana are avoidable. Over 40 % of the students in the school for the blind in Ghana have functional residual vision that requires low-vision care. Corneal blindness is the commonest form, followed by cataract. Retinal blindness is rare and is usually from hereditary or congenital causes.

Causes of visual impairment in ghana
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