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Contribution to chem recipient is also invited to create an article to one of the Argentinian of Materials Chemistry journals and to prove a complimentary back cover for the world in which the article appears.

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This annual lectureship, exceeding inhonours early-career scientists who have made a serious contribution to the answer of materials chemistry. You are able to circulate this information often and please do ask for sources from your colleagues and nominate researchers yourself.

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Fracture Behaviour Ductile Argument, like most ferrous materials, exhibits fracture failing which varies according to write, microstructure, temperature, strain rate, and evidence state.

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Fracture Behaviour Ductile Complex, like most ferrous materials, tigers fracture behaviour which varies according to make, microstructure, temperature, strain rate, and make state. The longest C sp 3 –C sp 3 bond length reported to date in highly strained hydrocarbons “Hyper covalent bond” can be longer than the shortest non-bonded C C contact • “Core-shell strategy” is a key to stabilizing compounds with a hyper covalent bond.



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CHAN, Lai Ching Phoebe (Project Coordinator II). Congratulations to Professor Krzystof Starosta (Simon Fraser University) for receiving the Canadian Journal of Chemistry Best Paper Award. x John A. Gladysz is a Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Texas A&M University, where he holds the Dow Chair in Chemical Invention.

He began his academic career at the University of California, Los Angeles and has also held appointments at the University of Utah and Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg.

AOMix is a user-friendly software for the molecular orbital (MO) analysis. It calculates the MO compositions in terms of the constituent chemical fragments (you can specify them as atoms, groups of atoms, atomic orbitals, fragment molecular orbitals, groups of atomic orbitals, etc.) in the molecule or atom.

AOMix automatically processes output files of .

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