Creative writing activities using pictures as centerpieces

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Corporate Event Planning: The Ultimate Guide

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A History:’s Word of the Year

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Besides increases of never-seen-before new crafts, many times from our web site are written. Or add them on with others or colored pencils. 90th birthday party ideas. Create a celebration fitting for someone who's achieved this lifetime milestone. Ideas for invites, decor, gifts, party food, and more!

Bluebonnet Garden Club of Brenham, Texas. october meeting.

Introducing…”Happy Camper” Classroom Theme!

The October meeting was held on October 25th at the Gun and Rod Club hosted by Charlotte LaRoche, Peggy Martin and Rhonda Ehlert. A bridal shower is a prewedding event that's taken on a life of its own.

No longer just a party relegated to "giving the bride gifts" (in fact, tons of brides are opting out of opening their gifts in public altogether), a bridal shower should have fun activities and décor, snacks (of the sweet and savory variety) and—if applicable—creative cocktails.

I'm a passionate teacher, creative thinker, and a believer that anything is possible. Classroom decor makes my heart happy. Creating extraordinary spaces is my obsession. Corporate event planning is a lot of work.

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Creative writing activities using pictures as centerpieces
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90th Birthday Party Ideas | Milestone Birthday Ideas