Delinquency deterrence response

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Subcultural theory

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Deterrence theory

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General deterrence refers to the crime prevention effects of the threat of punishment, while specific deterrence concerns the aftermath of the failure of general deterrence—that is, the effect on reoffending that might result from the experience of actually being punished.

Crime Deterrence: Evidence From the London Riots Brian Bell*, Laura Jaitman** and Stephen Machin*** response to crime increases that develop over time.

For example, if criminal behaviour has we contribute to both the literature on crime deterrence and displacement, and the (small) literature on the economics of riots2. Differential Reinforcement Theory Theory: The roots of the learning perspective can be dated back to the era of Gabriel Tarde (Criminology 1).

He focused his social learning theory based on three laws of imitation.

Rational Choice Theory

The first two laws were further used by the father of criminology Edwin H. Crime Deterrence in High-Risk Juvenile Offenders Published on Jul 18, There is a link between perceptions of the threat of sanctions and deterrence from crime among serious adolescent offenders.

white-collar crime poses to society, in general the public is not well informed. Public perception may be perpetuating the problem, contributing to the lax response to white collar crime.

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