Ham radio projects

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Projects for the Ham Shack

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Ham Radio Projects for Beginners to Amateur Radio

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Amateur radio

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Millennials Are Killing Ham Radio

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I took my newly acquired FCC part seriously, haha. The problem was that the did not have an appraisal input. Ham Radio Hardware Projects: The Tower Project: notes on tower design and pictures taken during construction.

A GHz Antenna to receive the Selene Japanese spacecraft. SBHT is a data/digital voice radio capable of greater than 4 watts of power initially on the VHF Ham bands.

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Information Related To Ham Radio Communications, Scanning, Shortwave And Electronics Gear Main menu. (You may have been directed here from abrasiverock.com) You’ve landed on my ham radio home page. I’m KEØOG, an Extra-Class ham radio operator.

Ham radio site with Amateur radio links and a collection of over Ham Radio sites services verified each week. Including DX band conditions(DX spots) for beginners and seasoned ham operators alike.

In the Shack. My eighth grade science teacher Joe Oursler W3VLZ (now a Silent Key, RIP) administered my Novice exam when I was in ninth grade, in the spring of So I became WN3MSW for a couple of months or so. By July or August I had gone down to the FCC office in the Custom House and passed the General and Advanced class tests.

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