Homicide investigation

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U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency to assist RCMP in Ucluelet homicide investigation

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Homicide investigation underway after man, woman found dead in home

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Homicide investigation leads to officer-involved shooting in Crowley

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Basic Stages for a Crime Scene Investigation — Possible Homicide

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Fatal Hamilton-area house fire now a double-homicide investigation

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Suspect, victim identified in west Charlotte homicide investigation

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Color photographs should be strengthened of deceased from all students. A homicide investigation is underway in Ypsilanti at a Citgo gas station at Huron and Spring streets.

A death investigation is underway on Fort Myers Beach. Officials are conducting a homicide investigation in west Charlotte Sunday morning. A male was pronounced dead on the scene upon officers arrival in the block of Clanton Road at a.m.

According to a report, an investigation revealed the victim and suspect, who knew each other, were inside a home together.

A death investigation is underway on Fort Myers Beach. Law enforcement is investigating a double homicide and possible suicide that occurred Friday morning. According to Williamsburg County Sheriff’s Office, Lt.

Daryel Moyd, the bodies were found in the area. A woman's mangled body is found beside a lonely stretch of highway. When the coroner suspects foul play, Kenda is called in to solve the second homicide case of his career.

Homicide investigation
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