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Indo-Pak Relations Essay. Looking back into the recent history of the sub continent one finds that last time the region witnessed the kind of hectic diplomatic moves in the capitals of India and Pakistan in the wake of the non-going civil unrest in Jammu and Kashmir.

Relations have improved significantly, after Bangladesh's clampdown on anti-Indian terrorist groups on its soil, such as the United Liberation Front of Assam, Bangladesh's Prime Minister's Sheikh Hasina's state visit to India in Januaryand continued dialogue over the controversial Farakka Barrage.

Indians in Bangladesh; Foreign relations of Bangladesh; Foreign relations of India; Indo-Bangladeshi barrier; Indo-Bangladesh border; Tripura Division; Further reading.

Blood, Archer K. (). The cruel birth of Bangladesh: Memoirs of an American diplomat.

Indo Bangladesh Relations Essay Writer

Dhaka: University Press. Benkin, Richard L. ().

Indo bangladesh relations essay writer
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