Social factors affecting airline industry

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The Global Airline Industry, 2nd Edition

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Industry case studies, challenging simulation programs and hands-on, practical training will help you maximize your potential as a manager across all areas of an airline.

Remote Hack of a Boeing Last month, the DHS announced that it was able to remotely hack a Boeing "We got the airplane on Sept.

Which flights have Ryanair cancelled and can I get a refund?

19, Two days later, I was successful in accomplishing a remote, non-cooperative, penetration," said Robert Hickey, aviation program manager within the Cyber Security Division of the DHS Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate. Express Blog Ask the Pilot Express is a Semi-Daily Mini-Blog Featuring News Blurbs, Photos, Updates, Random Musings and More.

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The aviation industry is characterized by low profit margins and a constant struggle with skyrocketing fuel costs. Financial and operational hedging strategies serve aviation managers as a tool to counteract high and volatile fuel prices.

Social factors affecting airline industry
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